Maputo Protocol Plus


The CCORPS stands for the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Ratification of Maputo Protocol in South Sudan. The Maputo Protocol is the Protocol to the African Charter on the Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa. The CCORPS was formed during a joint stake-holders’ national dialogue on Maputo Protocol hosted by STEWARDWOMEN in November 2014, in Juba-South Sudan, with financial support from Equality Now. The CCORPS brings together indigenous civil society organizations promoting the human rights of women [The term “women” is used here to refer to both women and girls.]. By December 2017, there were 40 members of the CCORPS, from the 15 in 2015.

The overall goal of the CCORPS is that the Maputo is ratified by the Government of South Sudan. The specific objective is to lobby and advocate for the ratification of Maputo protocol by South Sudan.

Coordination Structure:
The CCORPS has a secretariat at the office premises of STEWARDWOMEN located in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. STEWARDWOMEN is the lead agency of the CCORPS and responsible for technical oversight, including coordination. The CCORPS has five advocacy working groups [AWGs] namely advisory, legislative, executive/diplomatic, media and grievances advocacy working groups. The secretariat is headed by the Program Director of STEWARDWOMEN with support from the program manager, lobby/advocacy officer and finance/admin assistant. The CCORPS holds quarterly advocacy strategy review meetings, and the working groups hold monthly planning meetings.

The CCORPS Plus:
The CCORPS Plus is the expanded CCORPS that is inclusive of the objective to advocate for the implementation of Maputo protocol by the government of South Sudan. In November 2017, during strategy review meeting, the CCORPS was renamed CCORPS Plus, based on the need for CCORPS to equally advocate for implementation of the Maputo Protocol.

List of CCORPS Members:

  Name of Organization Email
1 Afro-Canadian Evangelical Mission- ACEM
2 African Development Aid- ADA
3 Association of Media Development in South Sudan-AMDISS
4 Association of Media Women in South Sudan- AMWISS
5 Assistance Mission for Africa- AMA
7 Child Aid Network
8 Children in Need Organisation- CINA
9 Child Hope Organization- CHILD HOPE
10 Community Empowerment for Progress Organization- CEPO
11 Crown A Woman- CREW
12 DAK Organisation for Recovery & Development- DORD
13 EVE Organization for Women Development
14 Foundation For Youth Initiative- FYI
15 Health Action Aid- HAA
16 Hope Restoration
17 Humane Aid For Community Organisation- HACO
18 Institute for Development of Civil Society- IDCs
19 Junub Aid
20 Liwol Women Development Organisation- LWDA
21 ATB
22 National Women Empowerment & Rehabilitation Organisation- NWERO
23 Nurture South Sudan- NSS
24 Organisation For Non Violence & Development-ONAD
25 Support The Empowerment of Women and their Rights for Development- STEWARDWOMEN
26 South Sudan Women Empowerment Network- SSWEN
27 Solidarity Ministries for Reconciliation & Development- SMARD
28 South Sudan Women Lawyers Association- SSWLA/ FIDA-South Sudan
29 Support the Children Organisation- SUTCO
30 South Sudan Organisation For Women- SOWA
31 South Sudan Council of Churches- SSCC
32 South Sudan Law Society- SSLS
33 South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy- SSHURSA
34 TITI foundation- TF
35 Upper Nile Youth and Development Association- UNYDA
36 Upper Nile Youth Mobilisation For Peace & Development Agency- UNMPYDA
37 Voice for Change- VFC
38 Wipe the Tears Foundation- WTF
39 Women Advancement Organisation- WAO
40 Women Aid Vision- WAV


The WRICO is a coalition of CSOs promoting the human rights of women in South Sudan. It is
the brain child of the Coalition of CSOs for the ratification of Maputo Protocol [CCORPS].
Based on the lessons learnt during the lobby and advocacy efforts towards the accelerated
ratification and/or domestication of Maputo Protocol by South Sudan, the CCORPs realized the
need for CSOs to put more and collective efforts to scale up advocacy efforts in order to promote
the human rights and freedoms of women 1 . Consequently, the WRICO was born as broad based
coalition to steer advocacy efforts by CSOs towards the realization of the human rights &
freedoms of women in South Sudan. The secretariat of the WRICO is established at the national
coordination office of STEWARDWOMEN in Juba, as the lead agency.

Objectives of WRICO:
The specific objectives underlying the formation of WRICO are:

  1. Strengthen capacities of indigenous CSOs in South Sudan for effective lobby and
    advocacy efforts towards realization of the human rights and freedoms of women & girls.
  2. Provide platforms between human rights duty bearers and CSOs to effectively engage
    with each other on the need to protect the human rights and freedoms of women & girls.

Human Right Clusters: Vehicle to the Rights & Freedoms of South Sudanese Women
The WRICO operates through clusters that are designed based on the classification of the human
rights during the convention of the universal declaration of human rights [UDHR]. These are:

  1. Justice, security and peace cluster
  2. Political & decision making cluster
  3. Economic and social welfare rights cluster
  4. Sexual, reproductive and health rights [SRHR] cluster