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STEWARDWOMEN is a women-led organization founded in March 2009 and registered with the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission as a not-for-profit non-governmental organization with the registration number 037. The organization was founded to address the problems of violence against women, including sexual and gender based violence, community insecurity and conflicts, and poor governance.
STEWARDWOMEN has over 13 years of experience implementing protection and humanitarian aid response to the community affected by conflict, flood and other disasters in South Sudan.

Our key program areas:

1) Women, peace and security;
2) Women empowerment and leadership;
3) Sexual and reproductive health


STEWARDWOMEN has the following governance structure:

1) Governing Council- GC: the GC is constituted by representatives of key stake-holders. The GC approves policies and annual work-plans & budgets.
2) Board of Directors- BoD: the BoD is the executive committee of the GC; it proposes policies and annual work-plans and budgets to the GC. The BoD has disciplinary and budget/audit sub-committees. The BoD also approves quarterly plans and budgets presented by the Director. The BoD appoints a Director as head of the secretariat to enforce BoD decisions and provide oversight to the secretariat.
3) Quarterly coordination meetings; project team leaders/field managers and the M&E officer hold quarterly coordination meetings to discuss progress reports, review project design, develop quarterly work-plans and budgets and share best practices.
4) Staff management committee: the committee comprises senior members of staff/departments that approve monthly plans and reports.
5) Weekly planning meetings; the program and finance/administrative departments hold joint weekly planning meetings.
6) Monthly general staff meetings are held for the staff in the HQ on the last Friday of the month, in addition to the general annual staff meeting held in December to evaluate staff performance.
7) There are staff disciplinary and procurement committees.


Our work is guided by the following policies:

1) Human resources manual
2) Financial procedures manual
3) Petty cash and advance management policy
4) Asset management policy
5) Procurement policy
6) Risk mitigation policy
7) ICT policy
8) M&E policy
9) Prevention of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (PSEA) policy
10) Whistle blower policy
11) Antifraud policy
12) Child protection policy
13) Strategic plan: 2021-2024
14) Daily Subsistence Allowance policy
15) Medical Insurance policy