our mission

is to develop, shape and empower South Sudanese women to advocate for policies that

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We need Donations to improve the lives of the most vulnarable women and children in South Sudan

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Help & support

There is no action better for the heart than reaching out to the most vulnarable

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our programs

The action of Steward women is focused on protection, psychosocial support, econnomic

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We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans


Support women and youth groups to develop and implement community based women and children human rights and conflict monitoring information system.

Strengthen community based collaboration mechanisms for increased protection of vulnerable women and children.

Customary and payam courts will be supported to develop and implement appropriate collaboration measures to redress social injustices against women and children.

Develop a community based mechanisms for increased access to self- reliance and sustainable livelihood alternatives for poor women and children.

Our Development Partners