Networks and Coalitions

We are member of the following national, regional and international coalitions:

1. Protection cluster
2. Rule of law cluster.
3. Transitional justice cluster
4. Coalition of Civil Society Organization for Ratification of Maputo Protocol in South Sudan- CCORPS.
5. Women Rights Coalition- WRICO.
6. Network of women mediators.
7.Menstrual Health Coalition, South Sudan

The CCORPS stands for the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Ratification and domestication of Maputo protocol in South Sudan. The Maputo Protocol is the Protocol to the African Charter on the Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa. The CCORPS was formed during a joint stake-holders’ national dialogue on Maputo Protocol hosted by STEWARDWOMEN in November 2014, in Juba-South Sudan, with financial support from Equality Now. The CCORPS brings together indigenous civil society organizations promoting the human rights of women . By December 2017, there were 40 members of the CCORPS, from the 15 in 2015.

The WRICO is a coalition of CSOs promoting the human rights of women in South Sudan. It is the brain child of the Coalition of CSOs for the ratification of Maputo Protocol [CCORPS]. Based on the lessons learnt during the lobby and advocacy efforts towards the accelerated ratification and/or domestication of Maputo Protocol by South Sudan, the CCORPs realized the need for CSOs to put more and collective efforts to scale up advocacy efforts in order to promote the human rights and freedoms of women . Consequently, the WRICO was born as broad based coalition to steer advocacy efforts by CSOs towards the realization of the human rights & freedoms of women in South Sudan. The secretariat of the WRICO is established at the national coordination office of STEWARDWOMEN in Juba, as the lead agency.