How Viola Became a Peace Mediator in Her Community.

My name is Maneno Viola. I am 29 years old, married with a child. I grew up with my mother without knowing my real father and the economic hardship in the family forced me to get married at the age of 15yrs. I had hope and believe that my marriage would change my situation but that was just a dream, instead things worsen in my marriage 6 years after I gave birth to a baby boy, there was no second or another child. Family members started insulting me and my husband could abuse me why am not producing another child. This brought serious gender based violence in my family and life turned useless to me and I often feel like committing suicide. I could cry all the time and one day I met STW Case Worker who expressed sympathy with my stressful life. She invited me for counselling support at Survivor Support Centre gave me time to share with her my situation. We had good sharing during the counselling sessions and at the end agreed that I should start coming for weekly psychosocial support. After 3 weeks of counselling support to me, the case worker decided to invite my husband for counselling support as well. I could not believe that would be a turning point in our marriage. My husband benefited from the counselling support and stop insulting me and all other form of abuse. Now we are living peaceful life in the family and community. Late, STW organized training on peace building and I was invited to attend the training where I acquired skills and knowledge on conflict mediation. Because of my active participation during the training, I was nominated and elected to become a peace mediator in my community. I appreciate STEWARDWOMEN and UNWOMEN for bringing peace in my family and empowering me to become a peace mediator in my community of Jondoru IDP, Juba

How Customer’s Care Changed My Business

My name is Joy Hayat, I am 39 years old. I sell vegetables at Jebel market in Juba. I deal in selling produce such as tomatoes, Irish potatoes, Onions and green paper which I buy in bulk from Gumbo-Shirikat market on daily basis. My daily target for sales is 5000SSP but because of my poor customer care service made me to get 3000SSP only. I could see my neighbor whom I buy produce together could sell about 15000SSP daily because she has good strategy for selling her produce, I feel so bad and I count loss every month because I pay rent fee for my store. In September 2021, I met STW staff, she was profiling women groups for capacity development support and our group God Is With Us Women Saving Group was also profiled for capacity building. I whisper in her ears (STW Staff) ‘’please don’t leave me out for the training even if my group is not select me’’ then she smiled and said it’s okay. Luckily in October, I was invited to attend a training on financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills and I realized during the training that I have two big problems in operating my business; lack of communication skills to my customers and saving skills. I never had good business language for my customers and I used to be harsh on them and also sell without daily savings. After the training, I am able to improve on my business strategy and customer care service. These have now attracted many customers to my business and my sales have increased from 3000SSP to 12000SSP and I also started saving from my business. Now in a day my savings is 3000SSP and the monthly accumulation from my savings is 48,000SSP. I appreciate STEWARDWOMEN and UNWOMEN for the knowledge and skills that gained during the training on financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills which has really changed my business. I am very happy because my daily sales had increased, I can save on daily basis and also support my family at the end of the day. I plan to support my fellow group members to improve on business customer’s care and management and saving from businesses.

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